Why I am Jumping for ESP

Big Jump is a day-long event that raises funds for ESP summer camp. Our jumpers spend the months leading up to the festival raising a minimum of $600. The funds raised from Big Jump go towards helping kids of all abilities attend ESP summer camp and allow more kids to experience the magic of ESP. ESP summer camp is a place where individuals of all abilities are able to make friends, learn new skills and experience new and life-changing activities for the first time like rock climbing and tubing.

For the last six years, ESP participants, staff, board members, and community partners have become superheroes by diving for dollars. In 2017, 45 skydivers helped raise $101,000 to send some extra special people to their favorite place: ESP summer camp!

For eight weeks every summer, Extra Special People transforms into ESP Summer Camp. There’s swimming, archery, horseback riding, arts & crafts, sports, outdoor adventures, and everything else you’d expect from a summer camp! ESP serves over 300 families and 30 counties, but there are still 2,000 children in the area who could be served by ESP. During the summer, ESP employs over 60 staff and half as many volunteers to serve children as young as 4 and as old as 53. No one is considered too old for the magic of ESP! All of that fun and excitement takes a lot of work though, and ESP relies on the support of the community to make it happen.

Big Jump is the last big fundraising push!

Here’s what you need to know about camp:

ESP never charges its families more than a small percentage of what it costs ESP to run summer camp. Each week of camp costs $40,000. There are then more than 50 families during the summer who receive additional scholarships. These scholarships would not be possible without the Big 3 events like Big Jump. The Big 3 raise much needed support and awareness that keeps camp running and allows ESP to create more life-changing experiences each summer. Big Jump is the last chance to help send more kids of all abilities to camp!

Join our skydiving superheroes on May 12 at Skydive Monroe as they dive for dollars!

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