Quarantip #24: Remind yourself this is temporary!

As more days pass and we are still in quarantine, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that this is temporary. It is even harder when there is no clear end in sight. But if we continue to remind ourselves that even though this is difficult, it will pass. Staying safe and healthy is the most important thing right now.

We have given many activities in the past couple of weeks knowing that keeping busy is crucial during this time. For me personally I have gotten in a routine of my daily tasks and it honestly has kept me sane. Maybe you have developed one also, or have started a project that is keeping you busy. In the end I hope we will all look back and along with remembering how crazy this all was, we will remember; how we learned, what we accomplished, and how important connecting with others truly is. 


For this activity I would like you to reflect on these past couple months. Talk about how you think this time has changed what you find important. Look at a new skill or project that you have finished. Anything big or small, focus on the positive and not the negative.

This quarantine will end, but the lessons learned and the appreciation gained for so many different things will still be there. Acknowledging and writing down even the smallest accomplishments, you will see just how productive this time was. 

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