Quarentip #18: Get yourself a long term project going!

 Now is a perfect time to start or pick back up that project you never seemed to have time for in the past. Being home all day brings plenty of time even if you are still working. It can also be a great opportunity to include the rest of the family in your new project.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn an instrument, or read an entire series of a book. Whatever your goal is, big or small, start somewhere. This will not only give you something to keep you from being bored. Also once you finish and have accomplished something it will feel like this quarantine wasn’t all just wasting time at home.

Also including your kids can not only be a bonding experience but a learning experience also. Teaching them a new skill, reading a book with them, or having them help with a project around the house. All of these can teach them so much, but it will most importantly teach them to stick with something until the end.

Activity: Show off your project!

 For the activity this week I encourage you to take a picture of the activity you are going to accomplish. For me I have decided to redo the front porch of the cabin. Up until now it was covered in pollen with some rocking chairs that have seen better days. I have washed everything down, sanded and painted the chairs. Before I started I took a picture of what it looked like, and posted it on FaceBook.

This made it so other people saw what my goal was and it made me a little more accountable for getting it done. So I challenge you to do the same, post your goal on a public platform. When other people are aware of your project and are constantly asking you about it, it makes it a little harder to stop half way. This also is fun to show off your accomplishments when you do finish and see everyones reactions. 

Also post pictures of everyone in the house helping and post the maybe not so successful attempts also. Maybe you tried to make a bird house and it completely didn’t work out. Succeeding perfectly in the project is not the overall goal here! Doing something from start to finish and including those you love is what it is all about!

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