Marcella Behind the Moments: Hello!

Hello everyone! My name is Marcella, and I’m ESP’s Social Media and Communications Assistant! For those of you who don’t know me, I started at ESP as a public relations intern in 2016. I was a student at UGA majoring in public relations and minoring in Communication Studies as well as pursuing a Disability Studies certificate.

After my year-long internship, I stayed involved in ESP by volunteering and coming to events throughout the year. I loved the families, community, and the feeling when you walked into the ESP building. I worked at Camp Twin Lakes the summer before my internship and my first ESP event was the Family Dinner. We all sang the Blessing Song before the spaghetti was served and my face lit up as I felt at home. No one judged me, everyone made sure my accommodations and needs were met, and I was welcomed with open arms. 

After graduating from UGA with a public relations degree, I went to work for the CDC for a year in social media. 

I’m so excited to return home to ESP! 

Introducing Marcella Moments

I’ll be taking over social media once a week on our Instagram Stories and will be doing Marcella Moments to talk to you all! Topics will range from what’s happening with ESP now, to stories of our families, how you can help ESP, to general disability topics. Feel free to comment, like, and share any ideas you have!

A little bit about me is I was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and upper respiratory distress. I use a power wheelchair to get around and have grown up being an advocate for those with disabilities. Advocating and being involved in the community for those who are differently-abled is something that’s always been a passion of mine. When I went to UGA, I was on the Disability Resource Center’s Speakers Bureau and Student Affairs Student Advisory Board to share my story and spread awareness.

During my childhood, my mom made sure I was involved in activities and that I made friends of all abilities. I played ball on a Miracle League in Marietta, went to adaptive dance, and did wheelchair sports. I also went to summer camp every chance I got and absolutely loved it. 

Growing up with a disability has shaped my perception and life and has molded me into who I am today. I’m thankful and excited to work for ESP and share my perspective with you all. I can relate to what our families go through on a daily basis, and I understand the value of organizations like ESP. 

I’m thrilled to spread awareness, share the magic of ESP, and get our community more involved with ESP through these Marcella Moments. You can tune in at 3:00 p.m. on our Instagram page to watch on our Instagram Story. Hope you all enjoy them and can’t wait to connect with you soon!

Marcella Genut
About The Author

Marcella Genut

Marcella is ESP's Content Coordinator. She graduated UGA with a bachelor's in Public Relations, a minor in Communication Studies, and a disability certificate. She was a public relations intern for ESP in 2016 and is excited to be back home!

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