A Close Look at Last Year’s People’s Choice Winner: Levi Ervin

Levi’s First Big Hearts was definitely one to remember. As he went on stage for the first time, he had no idea that he would be the 2019 People’s Choice winner! 

“I felt extremely special, happy, and thankful!” Levi said after being asked about what he felt after he won the People’s Choice. 

Behind the scenes and before all of the lights, camera and action of Big Hearts begins, Big Hearts families are working hard on their People’s Choice campaigns. 

While Big Hearts does not have a winner, each participant and contestant is part of the People’s Choice, which is a chance for participants’ families to support Big Hearts’ fundraising. 

Each participant and contestant has a People’s Choice page with a link that they can share with their families and friends to encourage them to donate towards their goal! All proceeds of Big Hearts and People’s Choice go directly to supporting ESP Summer Camp. The People’s Choice fundraising is essential to keeping costs low for our families, and it is our main fundraiser of the year for summer camp!

Why get involved in Big Hearts? 

Big Hearts is a truly amazing and unique experience for all of those involved from the participants to the families to the audience. It gives participants the chance to shine on stage while leaving their disability in the wings. 

“I loved seeing Levi truly happy. No worries, no setbacks, no let downs, just pure fun,” Levi’s mom Dana said. “Trust ESP, and allow your child to experience an evening for them. As a parent, it will be a night that you will never forget, and as a community member, you will be pleased to live in such an amazing town with such amazing individuals of all abilities!”

While Levi’s favorite part of Big Hearts is all of the fun and acting he gets to do on stage, Dana says her favorite part of Big Hearts is seeing all of the community coming together to cheer on all of the participants and contestants.

“The overwhelming joy I felt as I watched my son on that stage the entire evening living his best life made it a complete no brainer that he would always be a part of Big Hearts in the future,” Dana said.  

Why get involved in the People’s Choice?

Once Levi was named People’s Choice winner at Big Hearts last year, he was nonstop smiles. Dana said that he went around at dinner telling everyone he was the People’s Choice winner.

“I think he felt like a full-blown celebrity,” Dana said. “I loved watching every single minute of it!” 

From prep to the Pageant, the People’s Choice provides a magical experience for the participants as well as their families. 

“Obviously raising funds for the participants is the main importance,” Dana said. “If you look deeper though, it’s about helping your child embrace their life, meet new people, work hard for something they love so much.”

The People’s Choice gives participants the chance to get their own communities involved and excited for Big Hearts, as well as gives them the chance to see the support they have leading up to the big day! 

Levi’s mom Dana says that having the chance to share Levi and his People’s Choice on social media gave him the confidence to take the stage in February!

“It shows you that people in the community care about you and it makes you feel special,” Levi said.

How to donate to the People’s Choice

To see all of our People’s Choice participants in one place, click here

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