Week Four Recap


Last week marked our last week of our Big Bold Summer day camp! We were so sad for the days to end, but we have so much to look forward to this week being field trip week, and next week for overnight camp! Last week, also marked our last Friend Friday, and we are so thankful to all those who came out to participate in the yelling and joy of flag. Fun Friday was an afternoon of smiles, because of our COLOR FIGHT! All the units were dressed as different colors of yellow and green and red, by the end of the day, all the colors came together, and you could barely tell anyone apart!

Monday started out strong as it always does, and everyone was ready to get started on the fun activities all the different unit leaders had planned, including spending time outside playing dodgeball, and making their own slime. We had so many volunteers and volunteers-in-training come this week, and we were so thankful to have them because it means the next generation of an amazing staff! We love being able to see new faces every week. Monday afternoon was especially wonderful, because we had an ice cream party at the bowling alley- two of of our favorite things!

Tuesday was another fun day of activity and flurry around the building. After another successful flag, where so many of our campers got some amazing brags, the units formed to start their fun. In the main building, participants were busy making and eating what appeared to be mud, but was really chocolate pudding! It was even complete with sour worms. The pool was the activity for the afternoon, and everyone loved cooling off and splashing around in the sun!

Wednesday was a particularly active day for the campers! Everyone was so engaged during flag, and it was amazing to see so much participation. There were smiles and shouts all around. After flag, Specialty Unit Leader Matthew led a fun dance class, and the upbeat music continued throughout the morning and into lunch because everyone was having so much fun. In the gym, Specialty Unit Leader Anna was instructing a POUND class, and everyone was having a hard time deciding between which place they were having a better time! Fortunately, all the campers were able to do both, and had an incredible morning. After an afternoon at the pool, Peach State Pride handed out delicious snacks as our campers went home for the day.

Thursday was one of most fun flags to date! Two of our AmeriCorps members, Jonah and Cris, did a skit they named ‘Odd Jobs’ and had different members of staff come to the middle of the circle. From changing diapers to making a human mop- everyone was doubled over laughing from the silliness of the beloved AmeriCorps pair! Though the day was overcast, the happiness from camp was anything but! The vocational unit, led by Tyler, made a delicious lunch of chicken alfredo and salad for the camp- and it was delicious! For the rest of the day, everyone was working hard on their silent auctions for Friday, and finished the fun day by going to the pool.

Friday was our LAST Friend Friday- and so many people came out to support us. We cannot be more grateful for all the parents, friends, siblings, fans, and sponsors who showed their love and enthusiasm for ESP. After flag, where almost everyone from our fans to the Rock & Roll unit got brags, we got started on our day full of COLOR. From playing on the inflatable jumpy house to learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, our campers were smiling from ear to ear with joy for the day! After a delicious lunch from our Board, we had a color war with powder paint. Then we wrapped up our last week of day camp with a second flag down in the park. We can confidently say our last Fun Friday was one for the books. Now for Field Trip week and CTL- we can’t wait to see everyone again!

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