Why Ashley Jumped

Why Ashley Jumped

Many amazing individuals in the community register to participate in Big Jump to help send children of all abilities to ESP summer camp. Last year, one of these superstar individuals was Ashley Gunter!

Ashley first became involved with ESP through her neighbor, ESP employee, Jennifer Lancaster. “I am very selective with which organizations I associate myself with. ESP immediately struck my attention because of its passion, dedication, and widespread efforts throughout our entire community. Everywhere I turn, ESP is somehow involved in events throughout Athens and surrounding towns in order to raise money or just bring awareness to the organization. It’s truly a wonderful program, and I am so proud to be a part of the Big Jump event!”

Ashley, like many of our ESP supporters, decided to be a part of Big Jump for multiple reasons. Her main motivation for participating in Big Jump, of course, is to raise as much money as she can for our ESP participants. When a participating jumper registers for Big Jump, he or she commits to raising at least $600 to support ESP’s programming. Not only was Ashley excited to support our ESPers financially, she also was able to advocate for ESP using her personal story and platform. “Something as wild as skydiving really raises the eyes and ears of donors! I am a current Stage 4 Breast Cancer patient. I have been able to open a platform to others and share my experiences through my journey. As someone who benefits from fundraising with my disease, I am hoping to use my platform to advertise, raise money, and bring light to the ESP organization!”

Each day, ESP creates opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to engage, connect, and thrive. “ESP is a fantastic organization that TRULY focuses on the members they serve. Like I said, I have Stage 4 Breast Cancer. There is no cure for my disease, so I treat it like a chronic illness. I can relate to those who have disabilities with chronic ailments, symptoms, or physical restraints. In my experience, not all breast cancer fundraising or foundations directly impact their patients. With ESP, it is possible to see how the fundraising and foundation efforts directly impact their members! It’s a necessity to have an organization who cares so much!”

While ESP definitely feels like it’s a necessity to serve our amazing participants and families; it is equally important to have amazing, superhero supporters, like all of you, that show their unconditional love and support to a great organization like ESP. Last year, Ashley decided to skydive as “She-Hulk.” She-Hulk is a powerful female with brains and brawn that possesses a strong moral center and a determination to do what’s right. “I really want my super power to be: influential. She-Hulk is the epitome of what I would like to be as an example for my daughters and also for others. Cancer has made me sappy and sentimental! So, anything I can do for others, literally anyone, it truly makes me happy and fighting cancer worthwhile!”

We all, like Ashley, have our own personal testimonies and inspirations for getting involved. This year, you have the opportunity to share your story for ESP. Become a skydiving superhero by registering to jump at Big Jump on May 12th at Skydive Monroe, and tell us why you dive! You can take the big jump as an individual skydiving hero or with a team! Get your friends and family involved. Challenge them all to become skydiving heroes and to share their story.

Just one jump can change your life.

Inspired by Ashley’s story? Share your own!

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