Why You Should Be a Camp Volunteer

Why You Should Be a Camp Volunteer

By Marcella Genut

Summer is fast approaching and the plans keep piling up. Between taking a few summer classes, to vacations, to a part-time job, summer can be overwhelming! If you’re unsure about what to do over the summer, or looking for a one-week commitment, being a summer camp volunteer is the perfect opportunity!

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So why should you be a camp volunteer? Well, here are some things you’re sure to expect:

  1. A week filled with fun, laughter and smiles. This is a guarantee as camp is one of the best experiences for anyone of any age. There’s something about singing songs, crafts and sunscreen that bring out the best in people. At camp, you’re able to be completely silly without being judged and enjoy activities that you are only available in the summer. Swimming in the pool, tie-dying and walks in nature are sure to be a good time!
  2. Moments that’ll melt your heart. Spending a week with kids will bring moments you wish you could capture on a camera, but you capture them in your heart. So many counselors and volunteers have lots of stories where campers transformed in front of them. Just ask some of our current volunteers their favorite experience at camp! Campers arrive shy and unsure, then by the end of the week, they become a whole new outgoing person! Campers also learn to trust you and by the end of the week, your camper will be grateful for everything you’ve done.
  3. A learning experience. Whether it’s learning how to be patient, how to change a camper’s g-tube, to making bracelets, you’ll be constantly learning so much! If anyone asked you what you did over the summer, you’ll have so much to say! Camp is an experience where each day brings something new. A week will feel like you’ve learned a lifetime of knowledge. Camp requires you to think on your toes and be adaptive to any situation.
  4. Making a difference in a camper’s life. You will truly be making an impact for the week. It may seem like a short time, but a week is long enough to make a friend for life. You will be helping your camper with all aspects of life and giving them a week of fun. This truly leaves them with memories that’ll last them forever. A simple thing like giving your time, can make a world of a difference.
  5. Being a cheerleader. As a camp volunteer, it is your job to make sure your camper has the best week of their life. This requires you to be a positive and uplifting person in the good times and bad. At camp, you learn to tackle any situation with positivity. When it comes to life, you’ll be a pro at handling anything! Encouraging campers for any situation whether they don’t want to take a shower, eat their vegetables or try a new activity, you’ll be an expert at encouraging others.

So if you’re looking to spend an amazing week filled with the most incredible campers, apply to be a volunteer today! You won’t regret it! https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?AP=852589870&OR=1

Marcella Genut
About The Author

Marcella Genut

Marcella is ESP's Content Coordinator. She graduated UGA with a bachelor's in Public Relations, a minor in Communication Studies, and a disability certificate. She was a public relations intern for ESP in 2016 and is excited to be back home!

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