Spring Recital Excitement

Spring Recital Excitement

By Marcella Genut

It’s that time of year again, our spring recital! As this semester comes to a close, and everyone is looking forward to summer camp, we want to celebrate all the skills and talents our participants have learned at 360. From karate kicks, to making a brownie in a mug, frisbee competitions and acting, our participants have done it all! This year is sure to be the best recital yet because everyone has been practicing so hard!

Recital is the perfect opportunity for participants to shine on stage and showcase not only their passions, but also their growth. One 360 intern, Rachel Schmidt, said it’s amazing to see how far everyone has come in her cheerleading class. Participants are sure to wow everyone with their accomplishments. From doing science experiments, to learning a new instrument or a new dance, recital has a variety of acts!

For participants who may be a little nervous performing on stage, just encourage them! Recital participants will be surrounded by their friends on stage and they have been practicing all semester! Those recital jitters are sure to go away when they’re greeted by their buddy and 360 intern. Recital is also an opportunity for participants to gain confidence and conquer fears by performing in front of others. Participants not only improve their speaking skills, but also learn how to follow directions and gain teamwork skills.

“Recital is truly special,” said Kalon Carpenter, our Coordinator of Recreational Programs. For those of you who have never been, here is what you can expect. Each class showcases a production, skit or display. In between performances, there will be introductions from the 360 interns and ESP staff. After the recital, there is a camp kickoff, announcements and a special ESP swag fashion show! Then the celebration continues with an ice cream party! Participants display and pick up their hard-earned treasures from this year. Recital is going to be a fun time for everyone!

Join us from 2 to 5 pm at Athens Academy to watch this celebration of accomplishments! https://www.facebook.com/events/908988649204717/

Marcella Genut
About The Author

Marcella Genut

Marcella is our Public Relations intern. Marcella is a third year Public Relations student at the University of Georgia minoring in Communication Studies and working on a Disability Studies certificate. As part of her internship, Marcella has been creating social media posts, blog posts, flyers and other media. She hopes this internship will gain her real-world experience of public relations and give her a first-hand look at a nonprofit organization. Marcella’s dream job is to start her own nonprofit for kids raised by a single parent. Her favorite experience has been photographing the participants at 360; it makes ESP’s mission come to life.

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