Finding Your Tribe

 Finding Your Tribe

By Marcella Genut



Imagine being the only one with your hair color or the only person in school who has your eye color. These are what children with disabilities feel on a daily basis. Children with disabilities are often isolated in school and are the only ones who use a wheelchair or have accommodations.


However, there is a magical place where kids don’t feel out of place or alone. At camp, children with disabilities are surrounded by people like them. People who understand their struggles, who feel their successes and can relate fully to each other. Imagine being with people who are all similar to you. You’re no longer the only one in a wheelchair or with a disability! You are free to be yourself and others will cheer you on.


According to one ESP camper, Suzanne Goossens, her favorite part about camp is being with her friends because they are like a family to her.


When describing camp, Suzanne said, “I am home.”


At camp, you become fully integrated with everyone. You bond over games, night chats and group activities. Kids cheer each other on to succeed and lend a hand when someone falls. The week of camp connects you to your fellow campers like nothing else. The friends you make at camp are not just friends, but become family. The friends at camp will make embrace each other’s differences and love each other.


You are part of the tribe. The camp family tribe.



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Marcella Genut
About The Author

Marcella Genut

Marcella is our Public Relations intern. Marcella is a third year Public Relations student at the University of Georgia minoring in Communication Studies and working on a Disability Studies certificate. As part of her internship, Marcella has been creating social media posts, blog posts, flyers and other media. She hopes this internship will gain her real-world experience of public relations and give her a first-hand look at a nonprofit organization. Marcella’s dream job is to start her own nonprofit for kids raised by a single parent. Her favorite experience has been photographing the participants at 360; it makes ESP’s mission come to life.

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