ESP Joins KidCents

ESP Joins KidCents



By Marcella Genut



Are you wanting to give back to ESP in an easy, hassle-free way? Well you’re in luck because ESP recently joined Rite Aid’s KidCents Foundation! This wonderful program allows you to donate your extra change when you round up to the nearest dollar when you shop online or at Rite Aid stores!


However, you must be a wellness+ with Plenti member. It’s super easy to become one and you can sign up at this link:


If you’re already a member, click the link below to pick ESP as your organization!


As a member, you can select ESP as the charity of your choice, track your donations and enjoy extra benefits such as coupons! Who wouldn’t want to become a member and get some great deals while supporting ESP?


All of the change goes directly to ESP and will help us keep costs low for families, provide more programs and outings, and help with summer camp costs! Sign up today!

Marcella Genut
About The Author

Marcella Genut

Marcella is ESP's Content Coordinator. She graduated UGA with a bachelor's in Public Relations, a minor in Communication Studies, and a disability certificate. She was a public relations intern for ESP in 2016 and is excited to be back home!

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