Guest Post: Special Events Chair

It’s a special time of year at ESP; Big Hearts season is here. We are working each day to ensure the most magical experience possible for our participants and the audience. At ESP, we believe that we wouldn’t be where we are today, in our new home preparing for our 10th Big Hearts, without the hard work of many incredible individuals.


Meet Allison Nealy. Allison serves on the ESP Board of Directors as the Vice Chairman and Chair of Special Events. When she’s not making things happen at ESP, Allison works for the University of Georgia as an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education.


So much of the magic that happens at Big Hearts came from a dream that our Executive Director, Laura, Allison, and many others saw 10 years ago at the first Big Hearts event at North Oconee High School. Allison’s first Big Hearts experience was one that immediately exposed her to the potential of Big Hearts.


“I could see that this was something that really touched the people that were there.”


“Big Hearts magic” is something we’ve all experienced at ESP and for Allison, that first Big Hearts was all it took. From there, Allison jumped into the event aspect at ESP, serving on the Board and adding her touch of “magic” to Big Hearts. Allison knew ESP was a wonderful organization but at that moment at her first Big Hearts, she figured out that this does tell the story of ESP, and in fact, “the pageant itself is the story.”


Thank you, Allison, for your service, commitment and love for Big Hearts. The impact you have made on the ESP family is deeply appreciated. Big Hearts, Believe is an event you do not want to miss. Order your tickets today!

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