Guest Post: Big Hearts Banquet Chair

We are just TWO WEEKS away from Big Hearts, Believe! Our volunteers are busy practicing, our office staff are working hard behind the scenes, and our participants cannot wait to take the stage. We are so thrilled this week to introduce to you Katie Waters, our Big Hearts Banquet Chair.


Katie began her Big Hearts journey five years ago and hasn’t gotten enough of ESP since. At their first Big Hearts, Katie and her husband were not sure what to expect, planning to duck out around intermission, but after the beginning of the pageant, they were “all in.” Buying the participants flowers for the crowning ceremony, Katie and her husband knew there was a magic in Big Hearts that they wanted to be apart of. That next year, Katie was chairman of the Big Hearts Banquet.

“Seeing these kids getting to shine, all dressed up, with their families cheering them on, you can’t help but to get sucked in. Big Hearts is bigger than Christmas for these kids, and since drinking the Big Hearts kool-aid, for me too.”

Starting from the beginning, Katie has seen the Big Hearts Banquet grow from 258 guests, to 380, then 505, and now, for the second year in a row, the Banquet is sold out at 820 guests. Although it is easy to get overwhelmed in all that is Big Hearts, Katie has remained with us for a solid five years of Big Hearts magic!

“As long as there is an ESP, those kids will always need a Big Hearts. Those kids will always need, and deserve, an opportunity to get all dressed up and let their talents shine on the big stage. And to have their siblings and extended families there to cheer them on”

Katie and her husband have also served ESP at Bulldogs and Buddies and is excited to volunteer with ESP more in the coming year. ESP is so grateful to have Katie and her husband continually serving, giving their time, long hours and most of all, love to the individuals of ESP. Thank you, Katie, for all that you do for our organization!

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