ESP Ever After – Week Four

We said it. Week four. The last week of day camp. Until next summer our friend! As sad as we are to see week four go, we needed our strength to make it through our Zero to Hero themed week! 

We couldn’t get enough of bowling Monday’s. We lost count of how many times we shouted “STRIIIIKE” over the summer. As part of our strength training this week, we lifted weights in the gym… Austin bench pressed 100 times! We couldn’t believe it either.

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Our wanderers from Wonderland (the vocational unit) got to tour the Butts-Mehre sports complex. On our visit, we got special bracelets that only the football players have and watched some unreleased hype videos. No big deal… you can call us UGA athletes now. See you on the field this football season.

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Tuesday, things got a little out of this world. We started off drawing planets, some of our favorites were Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. Then, we headed out to the front yard and placed our planets in order of the galaxy. Things really took a turn for the Milky Way when TK launched bottle rockets from Earth! We had to remember our lesson on how acids and bases work together from a few weeks back. We had fun making bagel pizza’s later that day. I think campers will take the recipes home to replicate – the pizzas were THAT GOOD.  

Tuesday was also a special day because it was Mary Kate’s birthday – we painted and drew special birthday cards for her! Give us a marker and some colored paper, and we can make just about anything. We really wish you all could have been there for Flag that morning. TK made Mary Kate a special birthday cake concoction made from cream cheese, salsa, granola bars and mustard sauce. She ate it like a champ!

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This week was a week full of birthdays! On Wednesday, we celebrated Ashley’s birthday, and we had a blast pranking her that morning at flag. Wednesday continued with more activities at the ESP building. We danced, painted and played soccer until it was time to go to the pool.

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On Thursday, our vocational unit was back at The University of Georgia taking a tour with a Visitor Center guide… like we were real freshman. It was so fun to walk around campus and learn about the history of UGA. Who knew we had an awesome history lesson waiting for us right in our backyard? Thursday was our last day going to Legion Pool, as well. We have so many great memories hanging by the pool and jumping in with our own version of the cannon ball. We will still get swimming time at Camp Twin Lakes, but we sure will miss our day camp pool days!

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Finally, it was Fair and Flag Friday! What a day! Camp counselors put on a show for us and this time it was Hercules themed! Shout out to Amanda, Jake, Kalon, and TK for the awesome costumes.

IMG_2340 13754365_1296802877011703_3757300333993684655_n (1)

After Flag Friday morning, we hung around Watkinsville and had our fun in Harris Shoals Park. We tossed the football and some of us joined in on dizzy bat. We got to play a round of foamy crab soccer and go on the slip and slide. We topped the day off with shaving cream Twister. Our very own Board cooked out with burgers and hotdogs for lunch and our Advocate Board served some delicious Your Pie gelato. By the end of the day, most of the campers were covered in shaving cream from head to toe! Good thing the Oconee Fire Department showed up to hose us down! Between the messy fun and the food, we finished our Friday on a high note.

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We still have A LOT to show you these next two weeks! Check out our blog next week to see everything we have been up to during NKA week.

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