ESP Ever After – Week Two

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Week two was HOT – both the temperatures and our campers were soaring. As much as we tried to beat the heat, we also added to it. We made volcanoes, painted, went swimming, and played a fun game of quidditch.

Like usual, we started our morning with flag. On Tuesday morning at flag, Nicholas lead us on a bear hunt! We weren’t scared! With our lunch and camera by our sides – we found the bear! We had several brags at flag that morning – Ray was complimented for his “dab” dance move, we sang a very happy birthday song to Drew and celebrated Courtney’s very first day at camp! It was a great start to a great day.


13413531_1270813916277266_2233448542694840445_nLater on, we got to make volcanoes. Campers got together in groups and cut bottles and colored paper to form them in the shape of cones (or in our reality actual volcanoes). TK helped us make the volcanoes by using vinegar and baking soda. Do you know the difference between an acid and a base?? After TK’s teaching lesson – we sure do! We put baking soda and dish soap into a water bottle, took them outside, threw some vinegar in and watched our volcanoes explode into mighty bubbles!

[clear]13466218_1270809649611026_7048568076719907957_nAs you know – camp isn’t complete without colorful paint. Yellow, red, blue and green, we made any color combination we could imagine! The best part is that we didn’t even need paint brushes – we just used our hands and feet! You have to get messy every once and awhile. [clear] [clear]On Wednesday we set out for a serious game of Quidditch. Quidditch is basically hockey except with broomsticks and bouncy balls. We had a fun time in the sunshine making goals and sweeping the ball from one goal to the next.[clear] [clear]13450713_1272236542801670_5033462792660670829_nAs Thursday moved in, we continued to move out… Outside that is. We got our hands dirty in the garden. We learned how to plant seeds and give them enough room to grow. We gave them water, a little TLC and now we wait to see our garden grow![clear]

Later that day, Kidron helped us to make cake pops! We put Oreo’s on a stick, melted white chocolate, added sprinkles and waited patiently. Our cake pops were a hit! We sold them at our coffee shop on Fun Friday. You HAVE to drop by the Bouncing Bean, in our new home, next time you swing by!

13418874_1272961499395841_6796548734154666083_nOn Fun Friday, we went to a land Far(m), Far(m) Away and things got a little messy. Our camp staff dressed up as the characters from Shrek! You should have seen Jake’s hilarious costume – he painted his face green and acted like an ogre for the day! Flag was a fun time that took us on a journey with Shrek and Donkey (Kalon) to save the Faire Princess Fiona (TK). On their way to save Princess Fiona from the castle, they encountered a dangerous dragon (Amanda). The donkey distracted the Dragon so that Shrek could swoop in and save the Princess! It is so much fun to watch our counselors act out their parts each week! They really took us to a land Far, Far Away.

[clear]Later that day, we had an udderly good time getting muddy and messy. Wallowing in the mud with the pigs. Sliming our friends. Milking a cow. Practicing our archery skills. Taking a hay ride. Just your run of the mill day on the farm!

[clear]13407301_1272963262728998_8740194903884244063_nAfter lunch, burgers and dogs courtesy of the Cattlemen’s Association, we got a little muddy… And by a little muddy, we mean we got a lot muddy! We launched into an epic battle of capture the flag. We protected our flags with squirt guns and throwing mud. That’s what you have to love about camp. You can’t throw mud or paint at your friends anywhere else.

[clear]Be sure to join me next week! I will be telling you all about about field trip week and our adventures around town!

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