It’s Jump, Fly Season!


6362468 12.16.00 PMFlowers are blooming, spring is finally here, and our good friend pollen is dispersing throughout the air.  Thoughts of a sky full of skydivers are floating through the minds of ESP participants. It’s not just pollen season. At ESP, it’s Jump, Fly season. What’s the best part about Jump, Fly? Even if you aren’t a skydiver, anyone will tell you it’s the exhilarating rush and stomach full of butterflies you get from simply watching a jumper free fall from the plane.  Physically jumping out of a plane is another story. It’s an experience unlike any other. If you aren’t a big risk-taker the Jump, Fly festival offers something for everyone whether it’s crafts for the kids, enjoying the live music, or kicking back with a yummy plate of food.  May 30th, 2015 marks the sixth annual Jump, Fly festival, which has become an ESP tradition over the years.


This year, ESP has put a fresh and exciting twist to the already action-packed Jump, Fly Festival. There will be ESP participant celebrity jumpers who will be paired with a celebrity sidekick. A celebrity sidekick is a well-known person in the local community. The ESP celebrity jumpers and their sidekick will have the opportunity to raise funds together and ride in the same plane come May 30th. Compared to previous years, Jump, Fly 2015 is positioned as a competition amongst jumpers to see who can raise the most funds in order to make summer camp possible for ESP participants.

The celebrity pairs are:

Sidekick: Scott Beaver of Allstate Insurance and Superhero: Nick Stanley

Sidekick: Dr. Jeff Davenport of Davenport Chiropractics and Superhero: Rocky Walker

Sidekick: Mychell Lang of Chops & Hops and Superhero: Hannah Baird

Sidekick: Mike Pilcher of Athens Regional and Superhero: Adnan Curry

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The winning jumper will receive a spread in the paper and social media recognition from ESP. While jumping out of a plane is on most jumpers’ bucket lists, importance of Jump, Fly goes deeper than just raising funds. Jump, Fly is a terrific and fun-filled opportunity to watch ESP participants and skydivers push the limits of life by skydiving out of a plane, a task that some of them thought they would never be able to do.

Are you interested in taking the dive for ESP? Learn more on the Jump Fly here!

Katarina Christmann
About The Author

Katarina Christmann

COORDINATOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Katarina Christmann studied Advertising and Art History at the University of Georgia and just graduated in May 2015. Katarina began as a Public Relations and Special Events Intern at ESP. The fast pace and variety of the work at ESP are what drew her to the position, but the kids are what kept her here. Katarina is from St. Simons Island. When she’s not spending time at ESP, Katarina loves baking, reading, and hiking. Katarina is beyond excited to continue her time here at ESP and to put her own touch on things!

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