Big Hearts Participants: In the Spotlight Three

What makes ESP so terrific?  Our participants, of course!  The magic and happiness that ESP brings isn’t hard to come by, which is why our participants are shouting it from the rooftops!  Because participants are the heart of ESP, we’ll be shining the spotlight on them each week leading up to Big Hearts.  Below are some of our participants and they want to tell you why they can’t get enough of ESP!  After you read their FUN-filled bios, make sure to vote for the People’s Choice award by clicking the red button located in your favorite participants bio! Then watch them shine at Big Hearts 2015!

Garrett Hedrick4

Garrett Hedrick

Fun fact about Garrett: Garrett loves to laugh and loves hip hop music.  Mostly rap hip hop.
Why Garrett loves ESP: Garrett loves the ESP Counselors more than anything.  They have shown him fun times and have treated him like any other child.  They allow him, help him, and have given him all opportunity to do everything regular children do.
 Garrett’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  Girls!!!  Garrett loves taking pics with the UGA escorts.  He also enjoyes just spending time rehearsing and hanging out with his ESP counselors and friends whenever he can
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Nathan NelmsNathan Nelms3


Fun Fact about Nathan: He likes to go to Native American Pow Wows

Why Nathan loves ESP: Nathan likes meeting new friends at ESP

Nathan’s favorite part about Big Hearts: Getting to be with the UGA girls!

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Adnan Curry3Adnan Curry


Fun fact about Adnan: LOVES Elvis Presley

Why Adnan loves ESP:  Because he gets to hangout with all of his best friends!

Adnan’s favorite part of Big Hearts: He loves Big Hearts because he loves being on stage in front of people and he loves to sing and dance on stage

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Chloe AkridgeChloe Akridge2


Fun fact about Chloe:  Chloe can sing the entire Star-Spangled Banner!

Why Chloe loves ESP: Chloe loves her friends and helpers at ESP.  She loves to sing and dance at ESP, and loves being cheered on when arriving at ESP.

Chloe’s favorite part about Big Hearts:  Chloe hasn’t been to Big Hearts before but she loves to perform!

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Jessie Johnson2Jessie Johnson

Younger Middle

Fun fact about Jessie: Jessie is an excellent trapeze artist and was born in Brazil!
Why Jessie loves ESP: Jessie loves ESP because she gets to make friends and experience new things.
Jessie’s favorite part about Big Hearts: Jessie’s favorite part of Big Hearts is going on stage and talking to Mr. Joe!
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Magen FerlandMagen Ferland3

Younger Middle

Fun fact about Magen:  Magen loves shopping, watching football, and listening to music.

Magen’s favorite thing about ESP:    Magen loves ESP because she gets to participate in fun activities like cheering, dancing theater, club, and camp.  She also love to make new friends.
Magen’s favorite thing about Big Hearts:  Magen loves to wear her princess dress and also loves having fun with friends and volunteers backstage.
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Nic Hicks3Nicolas Hicks


Fun fact about Nic: He loves his super hero pajamas

Nic’s favorite thing about ESP: lovesHe loves ESP because he gets to take part in all kinds of fun things like karate, bowling, swimming and home ec.

Nic’s favorite thing about Big Hearts: He loves dressing up in a tuxedo for Big Hearts and looks at himself a lot in the mirror

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Landon McDanielLandon McDaniel1

Younger Middle

Fun fact about Landon: Landon loves to ride four wheelers.

Landon’s favorite thing about ESP: “I get to be me!”

Landon’s favorite thing about Big Hearts: spending the evening with his favorite people

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Dakota Sykora3Dakota Sykora

Older Middle

Fun fact about Dakota: Loves all sports and stats.

Dakota’s favorite thing about ESP: Enjoys hanging out with friends and enjoys big hearts pageant.

Landon’s Favorite thing about Big Hearts: The reason he enjoys big hearts is because the spotlight is on him and he feels very special.

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Katarina Christmann
About The Author

Katarina Christmann

COORDINATOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Katarina Christmann studied Advertising and Art History at the University of Georgia and just graduated in May 2015. Katarina began as a Public Relations and Special Events Intern at ESP. The fast pace and variety of the work at ESP are what drew her to the position, but the kids are what kept her here. Katarina is from St. Simons Island. When she’s not spending time at ESP, Katarina loves baking, reading, and hiking. Katarina is beyond excited to continue her time here at ESP and to put her own touch on things!

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