ESP Warriors

ESP Takes Camp Twin Lakes:

What It Means to Be a Warrior

This week at Camp Twin Lakes, our ESP Campers are discovering their inner warriors. Here, they have the opportunity to take on challenges and step outside of their comfort zone.

So far they’ve made lasting friendships, taken boat rides, explored nature, rock climbed, swam, baked goodies, danced their hearts out, tried their hand at archery, and slept away from home – many for the first time.

By definition, a warrior is a person who shows great vigor and courage. Our ESP campers are taking this meaning to an entirely new level this week. They are overcoming obstacles each day and gaining confidence in themselves throughout the process- Our campers were even given warrior names and spirit animals complete with leather headdresses!

The campers aren’t the only warriors to be recognized. The many caretakers, parents and families that have chosen to send their kids to camp possess an ample amount of courage as well. Thank you for having the bravery to send your kids to Camp Twin Lakes in order to allow them to grow, try new things and have a true, life-changing experience.

Here’s a glimpse of what they were up to this week!






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