Pumpkins and Witches and Pirates, OH MY!

What a fun time we had on Saturday night at our Fall Festival! After weeks of planning it was such a joy to see all the families enjoying all the games and fun at our building. I love any opportunity I get to spend with our kids and their families. One of my favorite parts of the evening was just sitting at the welcome table and seeing all the fun costumes the kids came in. From Cleopatra to the Hulk to a mouse trap, it was quite a site to see! All the families walked in through the monster mouth into a room full of booths and games to play. We had a haunted house (that some kids never wanted to leave!), and a back yard full of energy filled activities.

A big thanks to all the volunteer groups that helped us put together such a great event! Also thanks to Williams and Associates, Benson’s Bakery and Morning Glory for donating food! We could not have done it without the support of the community around us. Thanks for all who came out and made it a night to remember! Can’t wait until next year! – Jordan



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