Extra Special Richie


Hi there!

My name is Kylee Piatczyc, and I am the new PR intern for ESP. I really love my job for a few reasons.

One-the extra special people I work with.

Two– the extra special cause I am working for.

Three– the extra special kids I have the privilege of spending time with.

Number three gets to me the most. Last week we took our kids to watch the UGA football team practice and meet them after for autographs. The players and Coach Mark Richt met our kids with kindness, patience and excitement, something that makes me think even more highly of my school and team. The kids ran and wheeled and sat all over the practice field, thrilled to be in the presence of the players. I scrambled around after all of the kids, thrilled to be in their presence.

That day was a great day! A marvelous day in fact. That day I was surrounded by complete selflessness by everyone there- the players, coaches, volunteers and kids. That day I made a new pal, Richie. We aren’t just friends because he told me I looked skinny, although that sure didn’t hurt. We are friends because of the joy he radiates wherever he goes and whatever he does. Richie- his joy and selflessness-is exactly why he is an extra special person.

Katarina Christmann
About The Author

Katarina Christmann

COORDINATOR OF COMMUNICATIONS Katarina Christmann studied Advertising and Art History at the University of Georgia and just graduated in May 2015. Katarina began as a Public Relations and Special Events Intern at ESP. The fast pace and variety of the work at ESP are what drew her to the position, but the kids are what kept her here. Katarina is from St. Simons Island. When she’s not spending time at ESP, Katarina loves baking, reading, and hiking. Katarina is beyond excited to continue her time here at ESP and to put her own touch on things!

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