Why You Should be on Camp Staff

Why You Should be on Camp Staff



By Marcella Genut



Summer time is the best time. The sun is shining, the pool is sparkling and school is out! If you’re looking for a rewarding way to spend your summer, look no further! ESP has an entire summer filled of summer camp for our participants and volunteers!



If you’re questioning whether or not to be on camp staff, just take a look at what other staff members had to say about why you should be on staff.



  1. You build camaraderie.  According to Hannah Carlson, a previous camp staff, “being a part of the ESP family is something truly special, and it’s not something you can really understand from the outside looking in. The bonds you will build at ESP with campers and staff are unlike any other relationship in your life.” If you don’t think that convinces you, Hannah said she felt a sense of being a part of something bigger than herself. Bill Schroeter, a parent of an ESP camp staff said, “Our daughter has grown so much through her relationship and love of ESP’s campers.”
  2. You’re making a real difference. Hannah said, “At ESP, you will see how much of a difference you can make in a life with one simple smile, kind word, or lesson.” You are teaching kids how to be independent, confident, learn new skills and how to have fun! This is no easy task, but you can see the changes in campers as you help them overcome their fears and gain friends. You also feel the gratitude of the families and parents.
  3. You become more confident. Confidence is something everyone struggles with. At camp, you are thrown into situations where others look up to you and you have to respond with leadership and kindness. Hannah said, “I have had numerous people tell me that they saw a change, they saw walls broken down and watched the fear and shyness that I generally lived with dissipate.”
  4. You learn to trust others. Trust is difficult, but at camp, it’s a place where trust is fostered. From group activities, to arts and crafts, to swimming, campers and camp staff alike have to trust each other. Hannah said she was amazed at how quickly she learned to trust her intuition.
  5. You feel an outpour of love and kindness. Camp includes endless hugs and laughs. Campers rely on you and when you go above and beyond to make their day, expect lots of love! Hannah said one day at camp, her buddy wanted to go in the pool on the last day. She carried him, held him and pretended to be a jet ski. Laughing the whole time, he  looked right up into her eyes and said “I love you Hannah.” What better feeling is there?
  6. You build your resume. Everyone wants an outstanding resume, and what better way than saying you committed your entire summer to camp? Showing your dedication to campers with developmental disabilities all summer shows you can handle stressful situations and have skills not everyone possesses. For example, Hannah said she learned sign language, tube feeding and how to act calmly in an emergency. These are real life skills that employers are looking for.


So, if you want to have the best summer of your life making an impact, apply to ESP’s camp staff!


Click here to apply today: https://esp.campbrainstaff.com/Home/Landing


You will gain an incredible Chaco tan, smell like sunscreen and have a heart filled with love.