Uniquely You

Uniquely You

By Marcella Genut

There’s something magical at camp where people simply shine and show their best selves. Maybe it’s because you’re in your own bubble for a week, away from the world. Maybe it’s because it’s such an encouraging, happy place. Maybe it’s because you’re surrounded by your best friends.



Whatever the reason is, at camp, people are free to be themselves. Whether you’re a camper, counselor or on staff, everyone is reassured to act like themselves. From the moment campers set foot on camp, they are encouraged to put down their defenses and simply let go. This can be seen in campers’ transformations of arriving to camp shy and reserved, to by the end of the week, being outgoing and smiling from ear to ear.



Everyone is free from judgement at camp and there’s zero tolerance for making fun of others. In fact, campers and staff alike are encouraged to act like complete goofballs. The sillier you are, the better!



For children that are extra special, it’s difficult to live in a world that rejects differences. If you have a disability, you’re taught from an early age to hide the things that make you, you. You’re taught how to act, dress, behave and sound. Yet at camp, especially at ESP, we encourage our campers to be themselves! You are uniquely you and what makes you, you is beautiful!



The same can be said for volunteers and camp staff. It’s important to engage our community in accepting other’s differences. When working with kids, you will learn how to be uniquely you yourself. Kids are known to say what’s on their mind, and this will teach you how to express yourself more.



To be your best self at ESP camp, sign up to be a volunteer here: https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?AP=852589870&OR=1


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde