The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


By Marcella Genut


In this digital and technological age, we are often surrounded by media at a constant rate. From cell phones to computers, televisions to iPods, tablets and even billboards, we immediately wake up and have technology thrown in our face.



However, it’s important to unplug and unwind from technology often. One great way to do this, which is especially important for children, is spending time outdoors! What better time to spend outdoors than during sun-shiny, beautiful summer camp?



Summer camp provides prolonged exposure to nature, which studies have shown that playing outdoors supports a child’s healthy development and relaxes their minds. A simple walk in nature can destress the mind and reinforces physical activity. From running or rolling, hiking and swimming, kids will be active in nature instead of watching TV.



Another benefit of summer camp is children will gain perceptions of the world! Children are naturally very curious about the world around them and being immersed in nature will provide many answers to their questions.



Campers will gain knowledge of many plants, crops, water, physics and even biology! It’s important to learn about the environment and how to protect species for future generations.



At ESP, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for our campers to grow in their character and awareness. Whether that’s through planting a garden, going strawberry picking, or tubing down a river, your camper is guaranteed to explore nature at summer camp!


Sign up your child for summer camp to have adventures in the great outdoors today! Deadline is March 31st!


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