Meet More 360 Interns

It’s already November and time is just flying by here at ESP! Our 360 program has done so much already and it’s all thanks to our wonderful 360 interns! Here are some faces you’ve seen around that help bring the magic to ESP.

Meet Austin

esp-copyAustin is our team sports and swimming intern! He is a real estate major and a senior at the University of Georgia. Austin’s experience with ESP dates all the way back to his sophomore year when he was a volunteer. His best experience with ESP is the family beach trip last spring. He had the privilege of being paired up with Dakota and was able to get Dakota’s chair down to the beach. To Austin, “It brought me so much joy to be able to do something nice for such a special family.” Austin hopes this internship continues to push him out of his comfort zone. Austin says, “I hope that I can continue to learn and have a lasting impact on all of our extra special friends.” A fun fact about Austin is he’s been to over twenty foreign countries! Ask him to tell you his craziest story of his worldly travels!






Meet Taylor

Taylor is our pioneers and visual arts intern! She is a third-year student studying early childhood education at the University of Georgia. Taylor hopes to be a kindergarten teacher in a general education or special education classroom. Taylor is no stranger to ESP as well and started volunteering when she was a freshman. Taylor’s favorite things about ESP has been summer camp, Big Hearts and Bulldawgs and Buddies! She hopes this internship will gain her confidence in teaching and planning classes each week. Taylor is also involved in her sorority, Delta Zeta, and Shop with a Bulldawg at UGA. She also studied abroad in Australia and New Zealand. A fun fact about Taylor is at her home in Statesboro, she lives on a farm with twenty-eight animals! When you see her, be sure to ask her to name all of them for you!



Meet Anna

Anna is our cooking intern and a senior at the University of Georgia! She’s majoring in special education and hopes to teach one day. Her dream job is to open a bakery specializing in cakes and cupcakes and to hire adults with disabilities. Anna says, “I’m really passionate about employing people of all ability levels and allowing them to experience what it’s like to work really hard to produce a product. I think that there is so much joy in that!” She hopes this internship will prepare her to be a better teacher and build on her skills. Anna first got involved with ESP her sophomore year and has been here ever since. Her favorite experience was summer camp this past summer and her hobbies include crafting and Netflix. A truly funny fact about Anna is she laughs at everything, even having a flat tire! Anna is sure to always have a smile on her face.