Meet Our 360 Interns

ESP is filled with laughter and smiling faces in our after school program, 360! This fall, we’ve had the help of some interns to plan fun and engaging activities for our participants. Whenever you’re at ESP in the late afternoon, you’re bound to see an intern leading activities such as karate, cooking and more!

Meet Ansley

unnamed-1If you’ve seen someone teaching others her dance moves, you’ve probably seen our Dance and ESPinterest intern, Ansley! Ansley is a fourth year student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Georgia. Her dream job is to be a speech language pathologist for school aged children who have developmental disabilities. To her, “The idea of helping people with developmental disabilities through language to thrive makes me really excited.” Ansley is very involved at UGA and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Student Council for Exceptional Children and the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association. Ansley has been involved with ESP for over two years and one of her favorite experiences was being Sam’s buddy. A fun fact about Ansley is she can touch her tongue to her nose! Be sure to ask her to show you!

Meet Maddie

unnamed-3If you’ve seen an intern playing music or passionately telling others her favorite movies, then you’ve met Maddie! Maddie is our ESProducers and Music intern. Maddie is a pre-Occupational Therapist student at the University of Georgia. Growing up, Maddie had personal ties to the Autism community in Atlanta and was interested in finding a similar niche in Athens. It wasn’t until she participated in Delta Sigma Phi’s Miss Sorority Row pageant, which benefits ESP, that she got to witness firsthand how incredible ESP participants are. Maddie applied to be a summer camp counselor and knew by the end of the summer, she could not stay away. So, she applied to be a 360 intern. Maddie says that she loves teaching music because, “The participants come into the classroom knowing that it will be a comfortable place of expression, laughter and togetherness, and I think that is so special.”

Meet Peter

unnamed-4Peter can often be seen riding around in his Jeep Wrangler or practicing his wood working skills around ESP. Peter teaches the ESPioneers and Visual Arts class. Peter is a third year University of Georgia student studying Social Studies Education. He hopes to one day teach high schoolers and coach basketball or football. Peter became involved with ESP in 2015 at summer camp as a staff member. According to him, “I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the community. I was attracted to become an intern for the reason of continuing to help ESP grow and thrive the way that they always have and even better.” If Peter could travel anywhere in the world, he’d want to hike the Great Wall of China!

Meet Anna

Anna is our Fine Art and Independent Sports 360 intern! She can be spotted helping our participants focus on specific artistic skills like drawing, self-expression and mixed media projects. In Independent Sports, she has had fun teaching others how to play disk golf and is looking forward to learning archery! Anna is a third year Music Therapy major at the University of Georgia and hopes to become an Occupational Therapist for kids. Anna is familiar with ESP because of her friend, Amanda McKenzie, and she taught Music last year. Her favorite memory at ESP was singing country songs with Mason because of the joy he had for music. Anna is very talented in all music and even has a natural horn! If she could live in any book, it would be “Pride and Prejudice.”