Fall 360 Interns

Fall 360 is winding down and our interns have been busy finishing up the fun 360 activities. All of the participants have had a blast, thanks to our interns. Here are few that have helped everyone have a good time!

Meet Rachel
Rachel is a senior at the University of Georgia and is majoring in business management. Rachel is our ESPirit cheer coach and assistant swim coach. Rachel became involved with ESP thanks to her leadership class. She was challenged to volunteer at an Athens-based volunteer program and chose ESP. She fell in love with ESP and was a camp counselor this past summer. Rachel said, “Once you start with ESP, you’re immediately hooked because of all the love and passion you are surrounded by!” Rachel’s all-time favorite memory was working with the oldest unit at camp. Rachel hopes this internship will further develop her leadership and planning skills. Rachel is a huge hockey and Billy Joel fan. Ask her to sing “We Didn’t Start the Fire” for you! She knows all of the words!









Meet Logan
Logan has been with ESP for three years and is our Karate and Givers intern! Logan had a friend freshman year who convinced him to volunteer, and he has been here ever since! Logan is a junior at the University of Georgia and is a double major in political science and international affairs. He hopes to attend law school and to be elected in office in America. His favorite experience with ESP is volunteering as a summer counselor. Logan said, “ESP is an amazing experience filled with so many wonderful people and memories.” He loves “The Office” so be sure to ask him his favorite episode! A neat fact about Logan is he’s colorblind.










Meet Emily
Emily is a senior at the University of Georgia and is double majoring in biology and psychology. She is wanting to become an occupational therapist and is currently applying to occupational therapy programs. Be sure to wish her good luck! Emily is the swim coach for ESPiranhas and teaches the participants all the basic strokes plus about nutrition and health. She hopes this internship will push her out of her comfort zone to become a leader, as well as how to better love and encourage kids. Her favorite memory at ESP has been this past summer at Camp Twin Lakes. A fun fact about Emily is she has traveled to over twenty states and seven countries!











Meet Nicholas
Nicholas is double majoring in finance and international business with a minor in Chinese and a certificate in entrepreneurship! Wow, be sure to ask Nicholas to say something in Chinese! Nicholas is our ESPiranhas and Givers intern! For the Givers class, participants go to different places in the community and volunteer each week. He hopes this internship will help him see joy in everything and to just smile and laugh. Nicholas said, “ESP has been the highlight of my week ever since I started volunteering and the thing I look forward to each week.” Nicholas’s favorite memory at ESP is when his buddy wouldn’t swim without a floaty. Nicholas worked with his buddy and by the end of the semester, he didn’t need any assistance or a floaty! His buddy even competed at the Special Olympics and won a silver and gold medal in swimming! Nicholas loves cooking and traveling and would love to live in Harry Potter.