Extra Special Specialty Directors

Extra Special Specialty Directors



By Marcella Genut


Camp is only moments away! To be exact, about 4 weeks, which is only 27 days! One exciting part of camp is specialty. If you’re wondering what specialty is, our directors are here to explain. Maddie, a specialty director, said, “[At specialty] you’re never going to have the same activity twice in specialty. Campers will go through two specialty rotations a day and experience fun and engaging activities ranging from science experiments to yoga lessons. Campers get the chance to interact with other units in a bigger group setting, which allows for new friendships to be made.” How fun is that? So, we’d like to introduce you to our awesome specialty leaders for the summer!



Meet Maddie



Maddie is ecstatic for summer camp and especially about being a specialty director. She will make sure the campers are having a good time, while also growing and thriving. Having a passion for music, Maddie will be leading a fun weekly music specialty rotation. The kids will be singing, dancing, playing instruments, and learning about rhythm and creative expression. This summer, Maddie not only wants to work with ESP campers, but also the ESP staff and volunteers. She hopes to make the staff and volunteers feel confident and capable in their abilities. Maddie’s favorite part of camp? The energy. Coming into UGA, Maddie knew she wanted to get involved with a group that serves the special needs community. She found ESP her freshman year and has stayed ever since. Yet Maddie found more than just a group at ESP. Maddie said, “I have formed relationships with staff, volunteers, and participants that have changed me for the better, and have made memories that will truly last a lifetime.” When describing ESP, Maddie said, “It fosters a close community of families and friends under the common goal of allowing our participants to thrive.” When Maddie is not at ESP, she is busy hiking!

Meet Peter



Being a specialty director, Peter is most excited about planning fun activities for campers to participate in. Particularly, giant versions of games like kerplunk! Peter enjoys leading by example and encouragement. This summer, he hopes to build people up and encourage everyone’s individuality. His favorite activity at camp is swimming. Peter’s favorite memory from camp is the mud and water wars because of how silly everyone is, especially covered in mud! Peter said, “ESP allows me to serve others at my greatest capacity while being able to hang out with some of my greatest friends.” When describing ESP, Peter said, “This organization serves a phenomenal community and allows me to be a part of something that is substantially larger than me. Being a part of something so great brings me the passion to give time to ESP.” When Peter is not at ESP or swimming, he enjoys building furniture.



Be sure to say give a big, “Hip Hip Hooray,” when you see our specialty directors for all of their hard work!