ESP Ever After – Week Three

ESP Ever After – Week Three


It feels good to be back home! This week’s activities were filled with water sports, outdoor games and more. We have been busy bee’s this week, or shall we say busy fish and we can’t wait to update you all on our current events! ESP campers really know how to get out of their shell. This week’s camp theme was Under The Sea. We won’t get too Pacific, but we were happy as a clam with this week’s theme.



Shell I stop with the puns?

On Tuesday we had a damp good time with water activities. We played watersports in the backyard, taking sponges and ringing them out to fill cups on top of the heads of our counselors. When we were done, we took the leftover bucket of water and dunked it on Kidron’s head! The look on his face was priceless.

Later, we went on a scavenger hunt around our new home. We were given letters of the alphabet that we had to search for around the building. Taylor did an awesome job finding the letter “G”. She had no problem spotting the Green accent wall in our main office space. Way to go Taylor!




Like fishes in the sea, we really took this week’s theme to heart….. The heart of the swimming pool. As you know, Tuesday’s through Thursday’s are dedicated to swimming. We hopped on the buses and headed for the pool! Nothing like all day water activities to beat the July heat.




On Wednesday we kept things flexible. This may be a little bit of a stretch but we had SO much fun doing yoga. We touched our toes and tried our best with the balance poses.

Wednesday’s swimming was all fun and games with Jake in the middle of the splash zone. And I wish you could’ve been there to see Kalon and Rey jump into the pool like frogs. Joseph cannon-balled into the pool at least ten times! Who can be crabby with a day spent in the pool?!

Thursday we made slime and danced Gangnam style. It was a blast! We made the most of our backyard experience by having a talent show, a dance party and even dyeing canvas bags with Koolaid! Who knew Koolaid was more than a tasty beverage?




Fair and Flag Friday came, and we couldn’t believe how this week SWAM by! Kalon dressed up as Ariel, and TK dressed up as Prince Eric. Can we nominate them for an A+ performance? Their version of Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid was awesome. We also got a visit from Laura, Penny, Jake and Logan as they pretended to be lobsters for the morning. Amanda (from The Amanda Show of course) brought out the dancing lobsters.




We gave a warm shout out to the wonderful ladies who have worked on our special events. We’re so thankful for their help!

After a fun morning, we headed to Camp Hooray. There were mud and water wars and one awesome slip and slide. We got to play a fun round of balloon volleyball, had squirt gun races, and chilled on a giant water blob.




After a delicious burrito lunch courtesy of Allied Paving, we had a classic water balloon battle. Our units split up into teams and claimed their weapons: blue, green, and red water balloons! Campers had a blast throwing water balloons at the counselors. It was a muddy and wet good time!

We ended the day by going down the slip and slide. I’m pretty sure I caught Peter greasing it up with soap. We wish that we could have a slip and slide at home everyday!




We have one more Fair and Flag Friday left, and we sure hope you’ll stop by! While you’re here you can grab a cup of coffee at the Bouncing Bean to help put a little pep in your step! See you next Friday at 9:00 am!

Join me next week as I take you through the last week of day camp. It might take some extra strength to make it through our Zero to Hero themed week.