8 Reasons This Summer Was a Fairytale

8 Reasons This Summer Was a Fairytale











Wow! I can’t believe summer is already behind us; what a wild ride it was! As far as 2016 is concerned, those 8 weeks of day camp have been the best yet, and I’ll give you 8 reasons why!


  1. The New Building- I couldn’t believe the difference the new space made for our campers! More space to keep cool, more space to create, more space to laugh, and more space that our campers get to call their own.
  2. Day Camp- With the new space we were able to put on the best day camp yet. Every new day was full of new discoveries and familiar camp songs, not to mention we got to hang out with over 90 kids per week!
  3. Field Trip Weeks- Getting out and seeing the community is a priority for our group, we have so much to learn out there, and they have so much to learn about us! Some of our favorites this year were trips to UGA, Cuscowilla Country Club, Ovation Cinemas, and Tubing in Helen. What a blessing it is to live in such an accepting community.
  4. Camp Twin Lakes- Nothing beats taking a week’s vacation from the parents! A week to work on independence, a week to get extra messy, a week to grow bonds that last much longer than a week away at camp.
  5. The Staff- This year I was completely blown away by the staff. This group of young people were so eager to serve, encourage and love you camper. When you see one of them give them the big hug they deserve.
  6. The Leadership Staff- This was the core that kept the camp motor running. This group has big things in store moving forward. Eight true leaders with unique skill sets that will allow them to be dynamic members of any community they are apart of.
  7. The Parents- What a group amazing people! This is the group on the front line taking care of the people we love most. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children and adults with us this summer.
  8. The Campers- What would camp be without our campers. This wild group kept us all on our toes, and laughing all summer long. Where would we be without the campers we love most? In a place with a lot less joy.


Now what else is there to say besides, can we have summer camp everyday?


Nothing but love,