360 is Coming

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Fall is almost here, and with it comes football, cooler weather, changing leaves, and yep, you guessed it, 360! It’s crazy to think back to this time last year, when I was going through my first ever semester of 360 and still learning the ropes. I remember how we were only able to offer 10 classes. How much time we spent worrying about space and asking the questions like ‘but are we all gonna fit?” Now, here we are just a year later, and we are about to start a new year in our new building with 19 classes. The thought of that is overwhelmingly exciting!

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We have so many amazing experiences waiting to be had and a lot of new things coming down the pipeline! One of the biggest changes this year is our move to ONE recital a year. Yes, you read that right just one recital in the spring. We believe that with so many classes being offered, the best way to give our pals a chance to really grow and thrive is to give them the opportunity to gain mastery and delve deeper into learning specific skills. As a recreation therapist, I get really excited about this because I know that we are moving in a direction of consistency and more intentional content where we can see even more growth in our ESPals.
I am also excited to tell you about some of the new classes we are offering, because I think it’s pretty cool! For the first time ever, we are able to offer a class out at Camp Hooray called ESPioneers. This class will be set up much like a scout program and our pals will get the opportunity to learn useful skills and in turn earn badges as proof of their mastery of those skills! It’s is a fun way to get our pals engaged in the outdoors and to learn about the word around them.
ESPublishers is another new class we are introducing this semester. It’s focused on helping our participants learn how to use print media. I am really excited about this because they will get to help us create the first ever ESP magazine and will have a huge part in this year’s ESP yearbook! ESProducers came out of the interest of our participants in technology. This class will help them learn how to use technology to create amazing things like their very own short film! I am excited about this because there are so many things we can teach and so many useful skills that they will learn.
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I would also like to mention our weekend events coming up this fall. If you have never hung out with us on the weekends, then I have to say you are missing out. NKA and Club events are probably some of the most memorable times I have had with our ESPals. This semester you can expect to see activities from talent shows (need I say more?) to PJ parties and forts. These are events you don’t want your child to miss! For your child, they’re a chance to reconnect with friends from the summer and have some constructive fun. For you, its a few hours of respite: use it to enjoy a date night or a morning of pampering.