Gaining Confidence and Facing Fears

Gaining Confidence and Facing Fears



By Marcella Genut



It’s your first time being away from home. Summer camp. The first day has already been filled with new faces and new experiences. You are unsure about this whole camp thing and become shy. As the week goes on, you start to bond with your cabin and become more outgoing. You decide to sing in the Talent Show, which you’ve never performed in front of an audience. You take on the rock wall, even though you were terrified. By the end of the week, your self-esteem was raised and you tried new things.



This is what a majority of new campers’ first week of camp looks like, and parents can attest to it. A study done by the American Camp Association found that parents, camp staff and children reported significant growth in self-esteem, values, decision-making and social comfort after experiencing camp. The findings from the study indicated camp is beneficial and can increase confidence, self-esteem, willingness to try and adventurousness.



One camper named Spencer refused to try the giant swing at ESP camp. He was extremely scared of the height and speed of the swing. His cabin encouraged him and told him to at least watch his cabin mates go on the giant swing. Each cabin mate told Spencer how much fun it was and came down with a huge smile. Finally, Spencer decided to try the swing. Despite being afraid, he faced his fears and had a blast!



Kalon Carpenter, our Coordinator of Recreational Programs, said she sees a change in campers during camp. Campers who were quiet all week broke out of their shell during the dance. Campers who were scared of the pool went into the water.



“Camp is fun with a purpose. Each activity is designed to teach campers a new skill,” said Kalon.



Camp is a safe place to help kids grow in their confidence. With trying new and fun activities, kids learn to face their fears. These are important life skills for anyone to have and the benefits of camp lasts a lifetime.



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