Tribal Summer Week 4 Recap

Tribal Summer Week 4 Recap

We can’t believe we’ve already had 4 weeks of day camp – this summer really has flown by! We made the most of our last week of day camp by making sure we took advantage of every second we had to have fun. This week, we went bowling, swimming, fishing, played dodgeball, hung out at Camp Hooray, and had fun with our friends! Thank you so much to everyone who lent a hand this week and helped make our last week of day camp the best yet!

Bowling at Showtime

As is our Monday tradition, our campers headed over to Showtime to get one last round of bowling in! So many of our campers bowled strikes and spares, it was a blast! From celebrating strikes to watching our friends bowl their turn to hanging out in the arcade with our buddies, we have had so much fun this summer at Showtime!

Rachel and Hannah had a blast goofing around at Showtime!

Swimming at Legion Pool

Sandy had fun with her swim buddy!

We’ve done our best to beat the heat by cooling off at Legion Pool with our swim buddies this summer! While we take time to practice our swimming skills, we always make sure to leave enough time to play games and have fun! We look forward to going swimming all day because we always have the best time at Legion Pool!

Drew couldn’t hide his excitement to be in the pool!

Morning Rotations

ESPete never disappoints with fun activities – we got to play dodgeball with our friends and compete with each other with an egg drop! We had so much fun creating different contraptions to try to make sure our eggs didn’t break. Thanks, ESPete, for making sure we always have something fun to do!

ESPete dropped the egg contraptions while the campers watched!

Kimi was hard at work picking blackberries!

Our Vocational Unit took a quick trip over to Washington Farms last week for some blackberry picking! They had a blast trying to find the best berries to bring back to ESP. We’re so grateful for their hard work – the blackberries were delicious!

Maddie whipped up some delicious treats for us this week! We got to enjoy a super special Magic with Maddie – we got to decorate cookies and make slushies! Everyone sure was hungry and thirsty after creating their masterpieces, so the snack was a welcome treat!

Mary Catherine loved her slushie!

CJ is quite the artist!

Our Older Middle Unit tapped into their creative side by creating some really unique mug art! We had so much fun just hanging out with our friends and coming up with super fun ideas to decorate our mugs!

Earth and Water Bending at Camp Hooray

Amber wasn’t scared to get a little muddy!

We made sure the last Friday of day camp was one we’d never forget! We headed out to Camp Hooray for some mud and water games. Our campers loved getting in the mud pit and throwing mud at each other! After getting hosed off, our campers had a blast on the slip-n-slide and bouncy castle. We even got to practice our archery skills and get creative by making some art out of clay! Thanks to everyone who helped out and made our last Friday of day camp one to remember!

Aaron loved the slip-n-slide!


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