NKA CTL Week Recap

NKA CTL Week Recap

We can’t believe summer camp is already over – this summer has absolutely flown by. We made sure to make the most of our last week of summer camp by having a blast at Camp Twin Lakes with our NKA crew! We spent our week ziplining, having fun on the giant swing, boating, swimming, and practicing our archery skills. Thank you to everyone who made this last week one to remember! A huge thank you goes out to every person who made this summer so incredible. Tribal Summer is truly one to remember!


Our campers had fun trying out the famous Camp Twin Lakes zipline this week! The zipline is always a highlight of overnight camp. We conquered our fears and had so much fun in the process! Some of our campers ended up riding the zipline over and over again! We are so proud of all our brave campers and are so glad that they had so much fun!


One of the best parts about Camp Twin Lakes is being about to sit out on the dock with your friends and go fishing! Fishing is always so full of excitement because campers catch fish left and right. We love sitting out on the dock and looking out over the lake while we fish.


It was so nice to cool off in the afternoons by going swimming! The pool at Camp Twin Lakes has a huge water slide, our campers couldn’t wait to try it! Some of our campers spent their entire time at the pool going down the water slide again and again. Others had splash wars in the deep end of the pool. We had so much fun swimming this week!

Climbing Wall and Archery

Our week at Camp Twin Lakes is always a great opportunity to try new things! Our campers spent their time this week trying out the climbing wall and working on their archery skills! We had so much fun encouraging our friends to make their way up the climbing wall and seeing who could shoot their arrow closest to the bullseye!

Horse Stables

We also were able to head out and check out Camp Twin Lake’s horse barn this week! We were able to listen to a special presentation and learn about horses and how to groom them! We got to practice grooming the horses and even got to feed them treats! It was such a treat to groom, pet, and spend some time with the horses at Camp Twin Lakes!


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