Club CTL Week Recap

By Katharine Manroe

We recently were able to spend the week at Camp Twin Lakes for overnight camp! We had so much fun experiencing new things, strengthening friendships, and making memories to last a lifetime. We spend the days riding horses, swimming, and just hanging out with our friends – we didn’t want to leave! Thank you to everyone who helped make our week at Camp Twin Lakes such an amazing experience! Here are just a few of the many adventures we embarked on that week!

Hanging out on the playground

Rylan loved spinning in circles!

Nothing beats hanging out on the playground with all your friends! All the campers rushed over to the playground every spare moment they had in between camp activities to have some more fun! We had a blast sliding down the big slide, climbing the monkey bars, and just spending time with friends outside.

Landon absolutely loved the monkey bars!


The famous Camp Twin Lakes zipline is always a highlight of overnight camp. While some campers can’t wait until they can ride it, some are a little nervous about their first time on the zipline. However, this year many of our campers faced their fears and conquered the zipline at Camp Twin Lakes! A lot of our campers ended up having so much fun on the zipline and wanted to get on it over and over again. We are so proud of all of our brave campers!

Jeremy couldn’t contain his excitement to try the zipline!


Sam enjoyed relaxing in the pool with her buddy!

Cooling off in the pool during the hot afternoons was everyone’s favorite part of overnight camp! Camp Twin Lakes has a huge water slide – many of our campers couldn’t wait to try it! Who doesn’t love splashing and lounging in the pool everyday with all your friends? Thankfully no one got too sunburned! We relaxed, we splashed, we had a blast!

Horseback Riding

Taylor had so much fun riding horses!

Our campers loved the being able to spend time with some horses during our week at CTL! Our campers were able to go on a tour of the barn, feed the horses some treats, and go on horseback rides! While we were out at the horse barn, our campers also got to tour the vegetable garden at CTL! Heading out to the horse barn was quite an adventure.

Janna loved being able to meet all the different horses!

Fishing & Archery

Nathaniel was a fishing pro!

Our campers kept busy by trying new things at CTL! Our campers really enjoyed spending time on the dock in the sun fishing. After that, they livened things up by trying their hand at archery! Everyone enjoyed spending time together and practicing new skills!

Reynaldo was so great at archery!

Climbing Wall

Kaleb conquered the climbing wall!

Our brave campers not only conquered the zipline, but they also took on the climbing wall! They had so much fun scaling the rock wall and impressing their buddies and their friends! We are so proud of everyone who took on the climbing wall.

Katharine Manroe
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Katharine Manroe

Katharine is a communications intern with Extra Special People and a student at UGA!