our strategic goals

Enhance quality and provision of service

Through volunteer management, employee training, strengthened family support, enhancement of Thrive programs, and restructuring special events.


Grow and secure a sustainable organizational structure

By creating position descriptions while proactively planning for new positions and developing succession plans.


Create new avenues for fiscal stability and community connection

With special projects including Java Joy and growing the Fan Club.


Camp Hooray

Through the forging of national relationships, fundraising and marketing plans, and a strategic map for development and construction.

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Many have said that ESP made tremendous strides because we held the belief that we could. And that is true. Believing in our mission and those around us pushed ESP to achieve what we thought was once a dream. But it was belief matched with business acumen and strong fiscal leadership that has brought ESP to this point. ESP has proven with well-managed growth that we understand the value of each dollar, and how to best utilize that dollar for maximum impact.

Carter Strickland, Board Chair