Overnight Camp Recap

The fourth week of our Big Bold Summer was extra special, because it was our overnight camp at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, Georgia. Staff arrived Sunday night to prepare for the adventures of the few days ahead, and as campers started to arrive, the anticipation and excitement began to build! There were so many activities to partake in, and as they worked in a rotating schedule, so everyone was able to participate in everything in those few short days.

Horseback Riding

Monday was a big day for courage, as campers overcame their hesitations and fears. Horseback riding and rock climbing proved to be activities of not only fun, but growth for a few participants who at first were a little nervous. However, with shouts of encouragements and quiet words of consolation from both buddies and other campers, these fears took a backseat. It was something to watch in awe as the horses were touched with love instead reluctance, and how the rock wall wasn’t something to fall from, but to grow from.  

Rock Climbing



Every afternoon after lunch the pool was filled with ESP participants and buddies. Everyone was able to splash around in the cool water, and a few were lucky enough to go down the water slide! The pool got extra energy out as campers jumped in and out of the water.

Fun on the water


Tuesday was another day full of fun! Lots of time was spent in and on the water as campers were fishing, boating, and rowing. One of our favorite things about overnight camp because so much time can be spent outdoors in the warm sunshine. Though fishing was more of a calm activity, rowing and boating got the excitement flowing for the second day of overnight camp.

At the dance

A dance was held Tuesday night in the gym, and everyone got to feel special when their own favorite songs played. Mason jammed out to Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Girl Shake It For Me’, and as always, the crowd was more than pleased with the YMCA and the Cha Cha Slide played. Athens Ford, our sponsor for overnight week, handed out popcorn and drinks- thank you again! Some campers put on their best, and dressed to the nines in bow ties and dresses. Campers and staff danced the night away!

At the dance

Wednesday was full of fun. Zip-lining was one of the first activities of the day, and campers conquered their fear of heights and flying! It was amazing to watch these participants look past their fears and look towards the fun. Though some were hesitant, the CTL and ESP staff worked together to reassure all the participants that the fun was to be had was safe as well! The activity proved trusting others is sometimes the most rewarding.

Wacky Olympics

Wednesday afternoon was ‘Wacky Olympics’ and campers cooled off with plenty of water games. From decorating their buddies in shaving cream and cereal to a Slip N’ Slide, everyone was full of smiles and sunshine as the day came to an end.

Wacky Olympics

Thursday was the last day of overnight camp as campers took every opportunity to partake in the activities CTL had to offer. Another day full of archery and rock climbing had everyone smiling, and hoping the day would last forever. Overnight camp came to a close at the end of day Thursday, and a talent show was held! It was truly special to see every kid’s talent showcased. From dancing to celebrity impressions, to jokes and singing, there were so many different talents displayed! The crowd laughed and cried and sang along. It was the perfect way to end the week!

Dancing at the Talent Show

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