Meet Your 2018 Summer Staff

Part of what makes ESP so unique is the individuals who devote their time to a cause bigger than themselves. For some, it’s the opportunity to learn more about what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing, and for others, it’s about the chance to make a difference in the greater scheme of life. At ESP, the leadership staff is made up of these individuals, though vastly different in their personalities, they all share one common strength: the ability to lead. Without them, summer camp wouldn’t be a possibility, because it’s this group of people that wake up every day with one goal in mind, to put a smile on the faces of the campers at ESP. This staff is divided up into different units; with youngest, younger middle, middle, older middle, oldest, and vocational. They are supported by our specialty leaders and assistant camp director. Though these units are led by one specific leader each, it’s no secret that they all share pride in defining themselves as one, too.



Claire Snyder is the leader of the youngest in camp group, and the theme of this year is Trolls! Active since her freshman year in college, Claire hasn’t stopped working at ESP since she started. She is proud to announce that she will be going to Penn State in the fall for her graduate degree in Speech Pathology. A lover of French fries and animals of all kinds, Claire hopes to have her own farm when she’s older. Members in the youngest in unit group include David Johnson, Kortney Hall, John Skinner, Ashlyn Lanier, Luciana Diaz, Lexi Froh, Sierra Bowden, Gabby Pinnero, McKenzie Riley, and Amy Lee.

Ashley Lanier is another unit member, a special education major from Statesboro, Georgia. Some of her favorite things to do include watching her favorite movies, The Proposal and Grease, and listening to her favorite artist, Adele. One of Ashley’s favorite facts about herself is that she saw Adele in Madison Square Garden!

Another youngest in camp unit member is Gabby Pinnero, another speech pathology major from Albany, Georgia. Her motivation to join ESP’s cause is her younger brother, whom she says is her entire world. Pinnero says she is looking forward to giving her campers the best summer ever, and bringing even more light to their lives.

John Skinner- Member of Youngest in Camp Unit
Younger Middle Unit Group

Younger Middle

         The leader of the younger middle unit in camp is Jessica Turpin, and Jessica decided her unit’s theme this summer would be Olympics. Her enthusiastic unit members include Kidron Bullock, Ben Guzman, John Morris, McKinley Hopkins, Alicia Dobner, Alexus Downer, Faith Wilson, Rachel Roberts, Chloe Wise, and Abi Hartlin.

        Alicia Dobner is 23 years old, and originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. A recent graduate from the University of Georgia, she started volunteering at ESP 2 years ago, and is looking forward to this summer. A fan of cookies n’ cream ice cream, Alicia loves anything outdoors.

        Rachel Roberts is another unit member of younger middle. Rachel attends school at Georgia College in Milledgeville, and studies special education. Similar to some of her peers, she loves to be outdoors. What does she most look forward to this summer? Forming lasting, meaningful relationships.

Kidron Bullock- Member of Younger Middle Unit
Middle in Camp Unit
Mackenzie Lewis- Member of the Middle Unit


        The middle in camp unit is led by Tyler Elliot, and accompanied in leadership by McKenzie Lewis, Drew Lyle, David Sloan, Hunter Pugh, Bonnie Miller, Emma Chachvarty, Nora Seward, Abbey Tomlin, Katelyn Faltschek, and Jordan Huff. Their group is known as the Superhero Unit, and they are ready to #Heroup this summer!

Abbey Tomlin studies psychology and Spanish, and is pursuing a career as a Occupational Therapist. Some of her favorite activities include reading, singing and playing music, and exchanging letters with her friends. She originally volunteered with ESPiranhas and loved it. The thing she is most looking forward to this summer: making a fool out of herself with all of her fun, outrageous costumes.

Emma Chakravarty is a 21-year-old senior at UGA, and member of the middle unit at ESP.  She has been studying Biology, with a Pre-Med intent, these past years and hopes to become a pediatric surgeon! After volunteering with ESP this past semester, Emma says she fell in love with the organization, and had to come back for the summer.

Older Middle Unit

Older Middle

        The older middle unit is led by Sarah Anne Owens, whose bright personality matches perfectly with her jolly theme of Winter Wonderland. Members of this unit group include Audrey Beacorn, Ian Buchanan, Harper Seymour, Jackson Blankinship, Simon Levy, Em Baines, Sarah Olson, Caroline Lumpkin, and Annie Garcia.

Harper Seymour is a member of the older middle unit. From Gainesville, Georgia, Harper is studying Special Education. She was introduced to ESP by another unit leader, Claire Snyder, on a mission trip they were both involved in. Harper has already grown so much during her time with ESP, and looks forward to the summer.

Jackson Blankenship is another member of the older middle unit. An Oconee native, Jackson has his Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. This is his first summer experience with ESP, and he cannot wait to begin making some great memories.

Harper Seymour- Member of Older Middle Unit
Oldest in Camp Unit


The oldest unit group is led by Grant Colquitt, and with him is Emory Nealy, Corbin Essess, Marah Stefanisko, Grayson Schulte, Connor Proctor, Ansley Tiencken, Grace McCorkle, Alyssa Gattis, Emma Barton, and Mckenna Raker. This group’s theme is the Greatest Showman.  

Emma Barton is a member of the oldest unit this summer, and says she immediately fell in love with ESP. She is a second year at UGA, studying communications sciences and disorders. Emma says she loves all things floral, all things outdoors, and especially all things glitter. She recognizes ESP as an extremely positive environment, and is so excited to grow, learn and serve this summer.

Alyssa Gattis is another oldest unit member. A lover of all movies and shows, all Disney movies, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends, are just a few to mention. She is originally from Marietta, Georgia, and is studying Biological Science with a pre-physicians assistant intent. Alyssa is most looking forward to building relationships with other participants this summer and seeing them achieve their goals.

Ansley Tiencken- Member of Oldest Unit
Vocational Unit
Morgan Skinner- Member of Vocational Unit


Tyler King leads the vocational group, and is accompanied by Christy Bantz, Kanishka Monevarty, Mary Jo Conboy, Julie Koo, Morgan Skinner, Anna Symmonds, and Mollie Snyder. Tyler decided his unit’s theme as Rock n’ Roll! 

Tyler King is from Forsyth County, and is studying both Advertising and Finance at UGA. Tyler loves being social and helping others, making perhaps the perfect combination as a unit leader for ESP’s summer camp. He says the people he has met as ESP are some of the most loving he has ever known, and the compassionate atmosphere of the organization never ceases to amaze him. Tyler most looks forward to continue to deepen his relationships with other staff and campers within his team.

Mollie Snyder is another member of the vocational unit this summer for ESP camp. From Dalton, Georgia, Mollie loves spending time with her family, traveling, and hanging out with her friends. She says nothing beats a Saturday in Athens in the fall. Mollie originally got involved after her brother-in-law, Jake, invited her to her first event. She says she loves ESP because everyone here is a true advocate for the ESP mission.

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